22 January 2014

Dining in Assisi, Umbrian Cuisine - Minerva Restaurant & Village Market (Assisi, Italy)

Beautiful Assisi
As we continued our tour of Italy, our next stop was in the adorable and quaint village of Assisi.  I loved being able to walk all over and take my time to enjoy the village.  The pace here was much slower than Florence.  The locals even had a sign up to make sure people would slow down and just enjoy their time in Assisi.


We have had such good luck finding culinary treasures on our adventure and Assisi did not disappoint.  Minerva Restaurant had Umbrian dishes that totally satisfied us.  Here is what we ate:

Strangozzi Con Salsa Tartufata (Spaghetti with Black Truffle Sauce)

This was delicious.  I was quite selfish on this trip because I didn't want to share any of my food.  The truffles were perfect and the pasta was so fresh.  


Dr. J devoured this and didn't even offer me a bite.  That is just rude!


In addition to the great lunch we had at Minerva Restaurant we also got to experience a local market which had some awesome samples!

We highly recommend you visit Assisi at least once in your life.  It is the perfect little bite of Italy!

20 January 2014

Aperitif - Best Bellini in Italy (Moet & Chandon Milan Bar de La Rinascente (Milano, Italy)

After a very long day of eating and shopping we decided to take a break upstairs at la Rinascente and quickly discovered that not only had we discovered the Best Brunch in Italy and possibly the world but also the best Bellini in Italy!  We have to admit, it is so much better than the original Bellini at Harry's Bar in Venice.

This was so worth it, especially after our climb to the top of the Duomo--250 steps--which means we get 250 sips of whatever we want.  We decided to try two famous Italian favorites which were highly recommended and we are so glad we did:


Italian classic cocktail that was invented in Venice.  We prefer the Bellini's from here!

Campari Orange

Also an Italian favorite that was created in Naples.  This was quite tasty also but the Bellini stole our hearts.

09 January 2014

Best Brunch in Italy and Possibly the World - il Teatro at Four Seasons Hotel (Milan, Italy)

We started our descent as calm as possible but as we saw the sweets we ended up skipping

These steps lead you to the best brunch in Italy and possibly the world!  We are not exaggerating!  We almost lost our minds at il Teatro's Sunday Brunch at Four Seasons Milan.

I really didn't expect the Four Season's Brunch to be so fun, relaxed and whimsical but it was!  I loved how everyone from the toddlers to the more mature group were DRESSED!  Seriously, I saw an eighty-plus year old woman rocking a badass Gucci ensemble with fishnets and cute booties--and they were from this season!  I mean, we are in Milano.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you are greeted by one of the lovely il Teatro "guides" and they will take you on a little journey around the restaurant so you can get your bearings and create your tactile plan of action!  Here is our version of the tour:


Eggs made to order!
In the main dining room you can visit the egg station or the raw bar for oysters.  There also isn't a shortage of Prosecco.  We just let the cocktails keep on flowing, but please note that you pay for every single one--our cocktail bill was more than the brunch!


This is where the magic happens!

This is not just a working kitchen; there is a full buffet inside with some fantastic food options as well as two chef's tables!  

Come on in and have a seat.

Other than the Chocolate Room, I think the kitchen is my favorite!  They have so many options:

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Polenta
  • Carving Station
  • Soup
  • And so much more!


The "Chic"olate Room is everything and more.  We dedicated an entire post to it.  This year's theme was inspired by Milan's Fashion Week.

Inspired by Milan's Fashion Week


Before you can even reach the restaurant there are all kinds of goodies for you from sweets to savory meats.  It was really hard to figure out where to start.

Cheese & Bread

I totally missed this section until the end of the meal!  I was far too distracted by the desserts!

The Meat

Just look at it!

The Sweets

No words can describe how good this all is.  I am glad we were able to go and walk all 250 steps at the Duomo afterwards to burn off the calories!

Dolce Wheel

Cakes and Pies, Oh My!

Gelato Station

Beautiful Grounds

Besides the fantastic food and service Four Seasons Milan has to offer; you can also enjoy the beautiful architecture of the property.  Originally a convent dating back to the 15th century, the building is now a gorgeous hotel where Dr. J, my sister and I have all decided to hold some portion of each of our weddings here!  

La Veranda 

I am pretty sure my rehearsal dinner will be here.


My sister says her ceremony will be here.

Original Convent Area

If you get a chance you HAVE to visit the Four Seasons in Milan.  It is only a short train ride away from Venice and other popular destinations.  You will not regret it, we promise!

31 December 2013

Casa del Cioccolato - Chocolate Room at il Treato at Four Seasons Hotel (Milano, Italy)

If "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was filmed in Italy this is EXACTLY how I would imagine it to be.  This is the Casa del Cioccolato in true Milanese fashion which is located at il Treato at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan.  The entire room--walls, tables, etc.--is made of chocolate and the new design was inspired by Milan's Fashion Week and was given the title "Chic"olate Room.  Now that we know this room changes every year, we now have an excuse to visit Milan every year!  I wish everyone in the world could experience this but since that is not possible all we can do is just show you...enjoy!

I want the watch and the red bag

My Dress!

And this is my shoe!  Dr J ate a piece of the handbag...don't tell!

This drawing is actually done in chocolate.

"Chic"olate Room

There really is no need to say anything else.  Can't wait to see what they have in store for all the chocoholics next year!
A chocolate lover's dream!