25 February 2012

Mardi Gras & Margaritas

What do Mardi Gras and Margaritas have in common?  To the world, absolutely nothing but to the Gourmand Girls—absolutely EVERYTHING!

While NOLA Girl was in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras and getting ready for Orpheuscapade XVIII, I was busy chasing down my Randazzo’s King Cake and creating a margarita recipe for the Dos Caminos margarita recipe contest.  Because I was a little sad about not being able to join in with NOLA’s Mardi Gras festivities, I decided to create a Mardi Gras inspired cocktail which I gave two names because I just couldn’t decide: Mardi Grasrita OR Creole Margarita—something hot & spicy just like us!  Imagine my surprise when I just so happened to be celebrating Mardi Gras at Dos Caminos with a buddy when I learned that I actually won the Mardi Gras Recipe Contest at Dos Caminos in honor of National Margarita Day!

"Mari Grasrita / Cajun Margarita", Orpheus Krewe Parade Floats, Randazzo King Cake

Needless to say, I went to Dos Caminos EVERYDAY this week and took anyone I could find to sample my margarita!  Of course the fine Mix-masters at Dos Caminos threw in a little DC twist and they are calling it the Cajun Margarita but heck, I am just glad they loved my hot & spicy margarita!  Now I just have to convince them to add it to the menu.

Many people have asked me for the recipe so here it is:

1.5 – 2 oz        Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila
1 – 2 dashes    Tabasco (The brand matters since this was Louisiana inspired)
1.5 – 2 oz        Sweet & Sour Syrup (I make my own on the stove using raw sugar and water in
                        equal parts and adding lemon & lime)
1                      Small Pepper (jalapeño or some other pepper to garnish)
1                      Sugar Cane Stick for garnish and to taste

Shake, strain and serve on the rocks and then jazz it up with the pepper and/or sugar cane.

Mardi Grasrita / Creole Margarita Ingredients

You should try to make this delicious cocktail at home and feel free to switch up the recipe to your liking.  If you are in New York City then go to any of the four Dos Caminos locations and tell them they need to add this to their drink menu.  Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!!!

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