19 February 2012

The Metropolitan Tea - Bond Restaurant & Lounge (Boston)

I was never a big fan of history when I was a kid but when my fourth grade teacher told our class that we were going to learn and experience the “Boston Tea Party”; you can probably imagine my tremendous disappointment when I showed up the following day to learn that it wasn’t a REAL tea party at all!  I get and appreciate that the “Boston Tea Party” was the spark that helped ignite the American Revolution fuse but what I really wanted was a tea party not a history lesson!  So when NOLA and I were invited to see the Celtics play the Knicks at The Garden, I couldn’t help myself but to take this opportunity to rewrite history the way I envisioned it and have a proper tea party in Boston!  After a lot of research we decided on the Metropolitan Tea at Bond Restaurant and Lounge.

Bond Restaurant & Lounge

Located inside Langham Hotel Boston, Bond is what I imagine it must be like to lounge inside a sexy bottle of red wine.  Bold, velvety and downright sensuous is what I believe the New York based design team at Jeffery Beers InternationalOriginally the Federal Reserve Building of Boston and is a historic landmark—hence its namesake.  It was voted one of Boston’s "Top 5 Afternoon Teas" in 2011.  I thought this was going to be traditional with basic tea sandwiches, teas and tea cakes but it wasn’t.  Bond has an edgy menu and puts a nice twist on afternoon tea.  Bond also serves as an awesome happy hour spot as well as a nice lounge for Boston’s nightlife.

Inside Bond Restaurant & Lounge

Bond serves Tea Forté a personal favorite of mine.  Tea Forté is known for capturing the true art of tea.  They use these hand crafted pyramid silken-tea-infusers with a signature leaf at the top to create all types of teas and even cocktails!  I’ve never been to an afternoon tea that had not only an extensive hot tea menu but also an iced tea menu.  They have some of the classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey but they also have some more festive varieties such as Lapsang Souchong, Orchid Vanilla, White Ginger Pear, Pomegranate Blackberry and Raspberry Nectar just to name a few.

Metropolitan Tea
I chose the White Ginger Pear which is a Pai MuTan white made “with sweet pear and the zing of ginger”.  They even the White Ginger Pear as an iced tea option which I made sure I took advantage of.  Both were soooo delicious!

Tea Forte

When I think of metropolitan the first word that comes to my mind is “modern”.  I was hoping for something a little different at this afternoon tea.  I did not want the traditional three tiered china stands.  Bond didn’t disappoint because a formal tea setting doesn’t really fit the mold here.  The contemporary white porcelain dinnerware flowed into the seductive design of the lounge.  Both NOLA and I felt very comfortable and were able to unwind after our crazy arrival into Boston.

Keeping with the modern theme, Bond steered clear of the standard finger sandwiches and selected an edgier spread.  The first course of the Metropolitan Tea consists of:
  • Foraged Mushroom and Crème Fraiche Tart
  • Meadow Brook Egg “Mimosa” with House Smoked Salmon
  • English Cucumber, Farmer’s Cheese and Dill Sandwich
  • Local Smoked Ham Roulade with Cape Cranberry Relish

Metropolitan Tea - Course 1
Foraged Mushroom and Crème Fraiche Tart
The first thing I thought when I saw the tart was about Mushroom Hunting in Indiana!  The mushrooms looked like Morels which caused my stream of consciousness to go there.  Let me educate you a bit because I didn’t have a clue what the heck half of this dish was from the description!  Crème Fraiche is just French soured cream.  It isn’t as sour as the sour cream we eat in the United States but for the purpose of our basic understanding we will just call it French sour cream.  I haven’t really figured out the foraged mushroom part yet but I am going to assume it has something to do with mushroom hunting!  All I really saw was mushroom and tart and since I like both I thought immediately, WINNER.  I wish they would have given me two because it was certainly delicious.

Foraged Mushroom and Crème Fraiche Tart
Meadow Brook Egg “Mimosa” with House Smoked Salmon
This is one of those dishes that are just too cute to eat.  I told NOLA I didn’t want to mess up the presentation.  To some it might look like just a mini deviled egg with stuff on top but to me it really was an egg mimosa.  Why would I want to destroy something like that!  After NOLA gave me a pep talk, I picked the little cutie up and ate it.  Totally worth the destruction of the egg! 

Egg Mimosa
This was the TRIFECTA!  I don’t typically get excited about scones because I am usually waiting for the dessert but I honestly could have just stopped after these.  The scones were delicious but it was the compliments which had my head spinning.  Devonshire Cream, Honeycomb, and Strawberry Jam.  That is not a typo, there was actual honeycomb!  And no, I didn’t mean honey, I meant what I said honeycomb!  All honey is NOT created equal and this proves it.  I mixed the cream, jam and honey together and spread it on my scone and created what I like to call “The Trifecta”.  Even when I finished the scones I continued to eat “The Trifecta” with just my finger.  Very classy right?  Don’t judge, you would do the same thing.

Scones & "The Trifecta"

I figured since Bond had so much success with “The Trifecta” then dessert portion of the afternoon tea has to be ridiculous!  My suspicions were correct; the dessert selections are light, sexy and simply delicious:
  •  Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
  • French Macaron
  • Apple Spice Cake
  • Eggnog Trifle
The Sweets

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry & Strawberry Macaron
This started a tirade from NOLA about how Boston’s strawberries surpass New Orleans strawberries!  She didn’t understand how the chocolate covered strawberries she recently consumed in New Orleans which are literally grown down the street could taste so horrible in comparison to the Bond chocolate dipped strawberry.  As she went on and on, I just tuned her out, nodded in agreement with the occasional “are you serious” response and ate the yummy white chocolate covered wafer balls.  I was hoping if she kept it up, she wouldn’t notice that the wafer balls were quickly disappearing AND that I was making my way towards the macaron.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry w/ Wafer Balls

 After a recent visit to Paris, my sister and I formed a very serious macaron addiction.  I am going to seek treatment or a help group very soon.  The Strawberry Macaron at Bond did not help my condition.  I was quite pleased that NOLA was still in the middle of her strawberry injustice tirade because she totally missed the fact that I ate it in one bite!  There was NO WAY I was going to share that yummy macaron!

Strawberry Macaron

Apple Spice Cake & Eggnog Trifle
Because I felt slightly culpable for swiping the macaron, I was willing to share my Apple Spice Cake with NOLA.  It is really as good as it looks.  It was the perfect pairing with the Eggnog Trifle.  The trifle reminded me slightly of the Eggnog Panna Cotta I had at an afternoon tea over the holidays.  Both NOLA and I didn’t feel any guilt for indulging in these sweets because we are convinced they are quite nutritious since they have ingredients from 4-out-of-5 food groups: fruit (apple); grains (the crust); dairy (custard); protein (eggs qualify for this)! 

Apple Spice Cake

Eggnog Trifle

We had such a fantastic time at our Boston tea party.  We even made a new friend with Mr. Jarrett D’Olimpio—Assistant Manager at Café Fleuri & Bond—who made our dining experience spectacular.  NOLA and I also have a MAJOR crush on Jarrett because he is the person who introduced us to our Chocolate Shangri-la at the Café Fleuri’s Chocolate Bar which we believe changed our lives.  In the future, every time we come to Boston for a visit, we will be sure to make a stop at the Langham.

Gourmand Girl’s Conclusion: 5 VIPs
Bond’s Metropolitan Tea gets our highest rating of 5 VIPs.

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