16 February 2012

Montes Purple Angel - Gourmand Girl's Love Letter

To Our Yummy Valentine:

Our yummy valentine
Broad and ripe valentine
You make us want to let down our hair
Your taste is enjoyable
And you’re our favorite Carmenere

Yes, your bottle is quite chic
Plum, boysenberry and fig, so unique
We can’t limit our intake to just once a week
You’re our favorite Carmenere

If I ever had one last dime
For one drop of wine, I’d make you mine
Too good to be true could you be a fable
No, you are our favorite Montes Purple Angel

The Gourmand Girls
P.S.  Epicurean Girl is still madly in love with "M"


  1. Thank you for the Purple Angel love!

    1. Thank you for distributing Purple Angel!

  2. And again, blimey!

    Perhaps we should not inquire about the temperature...?

    The Sediment Blog

  3. I love this , it was perfect for Valentine. And sounds Yummy. I can't wait to see where you will go and what you will write about next so I can know where to go when I'm traveling.
    Thank You for sharing...