03 March 2012

Astor Court Champagne Tea - The St. Regis New York

It happened late one night while I was watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”—probably for the thousandth time—trying to get inspired for activities for the Gourmand Girls’ birthday month celebrations.  And then it hit me; Holly Golightly and “Fred” (aka Paul) spent an entire day doing things they had never done before and they appeared to be over-the-moon happy.  So I decided that the G. Girls would spend our birthday month—which runs March 1 thru April 30th—doing things we’ve never done before.  The first idea that came to mind was having a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed event just for my girls in honor of the inspiration that Audrey channeled my way from heaven.  So I started doing a little research and stumbled upon the Tiffany Suite at The St. Regis Hotel New York!  Just reading about the room made me tingly all over!  For just $9,500 per night plus tax, my girlfriends and I could have breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep in the Tiffany’s Suite!  Since this is an extended celebration, I felt it would be best to pace myself so I opted to have the Astor Court Champagne Tea at St. Regis instead since I’ve never done that before either!

Astor Court Champagne Tea

“Great love affairs start with champagne and end with tisane.”  These are the words of Honoré de Balzac which gives you a proper greeting to the Astor Court Champagne Tea.  A true test of an afternoon tea is to look at the tea selection.  If you see Tealeaves or “T” then rest assured you are on the right path to having a lovely tea time.
St. Regis has an amazing selection of one of my favorite teas—Tealeaves—with choices of Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal Infusions and Fruit Tisanes.  I typically go for a white or green in the afternoon but I decided to take my cue from Monsieur Balzac and pick a tisane.  How could I say no to “Old Blue Eyes” which is a whole fruit infusion tea or tisane.  It smells like delicious berries and when you sip it for the first time you are introduced to a hint of vanilla and caramel.  When I added my honey, I accidently moaned out loud because I briefly forgot I was in public—thank goodness for the harpist!

The Astor Court Champagne Tea has six tea sandwiches:
  •  Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel Bread
  • Cucumber Napoleon, Mint Cream Cheese on Olive Bread
  • Smoked Duck with Orange, Radish and Cilantro
  • Rosemary Chicken with Shallot and Yellow Bell Peppers
  • King Crabmeat Salad with Lemon and Grain Mustard
  • Traditional Egg Salad on Brioche

If someone FORCED me to pick my favorites they would have to be the Duck, Crabmeat and Rosemary Chicken.  Really they were equally good but I have weakness for duck and crabmeat.

Savory Tea Sandwiches

I recently attended a tea where I thought the scones there were the best thing EVER.  I now have a new favorite!  The Rum Raisin Scones with the Devonshire Cream were PERFECTION.  The cream alone was the best I’ve ever had.  As Holly Golightly likes to say, “cross your heart and kiss your elbow” seriously, I am not exaggerating.  It was light, fluffy and ridiculously fantastic.  I could have eaten the cream by itself with my spoon but that just wouldn’t have been proper!

The Cream and spoon I wanted to eat it with!
The best part of any meal for me will always be the sweets.  There is no difference here with choices like:
  •  Milk Chocolate Mousse Tart
  • Bittersweet Chocolate with Coffee Tart
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Almond Blueberry Financier

Of course my favorites were the desserts that had anything to do with chocolate.  I did not hold back at all.  I ate every single ounce of mousse in both of the tarts.

Bittersweet Chocolate w/ Coffee Tart

Milk Chocolate Mousse Tart

I have been to several teas, but something about the Astor Court Champagne Tea really stands out and left me wanting to come back for more.  I am very happy I chose this tea as my first activity on my birthday celebration “things I’ve never done before” list.  I am planning on trying the Caviar Tea for Two on my next visit.  I was able to add a second item on the list on this particular visit because my dear friends at The St. Regis New York were kind enough to let a birthday girl indulge and gave me a personal tour of the Tiffany AND Dior Suites!

Click here to Enter: Virtual Breakfast at Tiffany's Slumber Party

Epicurean Girl’s Conclusion: 5 VIPs
The St. Regis New York Astor Court Champagne Tea gets our highest ratings of 5 VIPs.


  1. I have a confession, sometimes i just look at the pictures on the blog and not read everything but it STILL makes me want to go to these places. It just looks SO good !

  2. Amazing photos, looks like you had a wonderful time! Many thanks for the shout-out, we appreciate your kind words.
    Enjoy the birthday month, and best wishes from all of us at Tealeaves!

    1. Thank you! Taking pictures and eating is the whole reason why I started blogging. I am looking forward to your event at the Park Hyatt DC in a few weeks!