21 March 2012

Barroco: Old Fashioned Style - Montreal, QC

Let me introduce you to a cozy restaurant called Barroco in Old Montreal.  As soon as I stepped inside out of the cold night I felt like I was transporting to another time.  It was as if I was part of some story from long ago, an "Old Fashioned" journey which is where my tale begins!


Maple Cognac Old Fashioned
Once upon a time there was a classic cocktail called the Old Fashioned.  Some believe the Old Fashioned is the original cocktail dating back to the late 1800s.  With the perfect blend of sugar, bitters, spirits and water; it is a very sexy drink and I think it is a perfect accessory to the stone walls and antique settings of Barroco.  The fact that they use a cognac instead of a whiskey makes it even more provocative!

Barroco's Sexy Interior

The Maple Cognac Old Fashioned is the PERFECT compliment to the Maple Foie Gras Osmose.  The foie gras is from the "duck friendly" local Palmex Rougier Farm.  The dish was inspired by this seductive cocktail.  Created with orange supremes, brandy and angostura gelee; the foie gras rests in maple syrup, salt and water for 24-hours.  This gives the liver an amazing texture and taste.  The polenta & molasses bread is served warm and literally melts in your mouth.  

Maple Foie Gras Osmose


If The Old Fashioned is not for you don't fret because Barroco has a very extensive cocktail menu--some items are not even listed on the menu!  I am confident someone at the bar can create whatever your naughty mind can imagine.  Everything about this place is tantalizing so I was not surprised to see Absinthe.  The presentation was superb and the taste outstanding--no the "green fairy" didn't cause any hallucinations, or did it?  What the heck, just imbibe and be merry.

Absinthe Frappe
Meet Max--"Bar Chef"--the hardest working man in Old Montreal.  The first thing I noticed when I stepped inside of this restaurant wasn't the colorful ink on his arm--which happens to be Montreal--but the beautiful bar.  My friend said, "wow what a beautiful bar" breathlessly to herself and Max turned around and said "why thank you it was a lot of work!"

Max the Bar Chef
Up until that night, I had never heard the term "bar chef".  Mixologist yes; bar chef no.  But after sitting with Max all night I am now a believer.  He takes the craft of tending bar and mixology to another level.  

The Tools: Cardamom and House made Grenadine
Mister Max takes great pride in his bar.  He actually prepares a lot of the bar ingredients at home before he reports to Barroco.  For instance, he roasts the cardamom at home and also makes homemade ginger-ale and grenadine.  We tried to convince him to give us the secret recipe but he's not budging.  

The Masterpiece called a Bar


Visiting Barroco was the perfect start to our Montreal visit.  We met some pretty amazing people, some had a few too many--a local woman decided it was appropriate to lick my face as a farewell gesture!

My "Old Fashioned" journey was truly complete when I was able to get a rose from the lovely lady that I like to call "Jeanvieve".  If my first meal in Montreal is this good, then I know I am in for a treat!

 And we all lived happily ever after.  The end.

Gourmand Girls' Conclusion: 5 VIPs

Barroco Restaurant gets our highest rating of 5 VIPs.

312 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
Montreal, QC Canada

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