17 March 2012

Ming Tao Xuan Tea House - Montreal, QC

After an extremely relaxing day of some much needed R&R at Spa Scandinave I decided to take a nice walk around Old Montreal and came across a cute little Tea House on Rue Saint Suplice called Ming Tao Xuan.

Courtesy of Ming Tao Xuan
With an air of Buddhist serenity, it feels like you are stepping into a tea house somewhere in a Chinese village and not off the street in old Montreal.  Ming Tao Xuan means "a comfortable and welcoming salon where fine teas can be enjoyed in earthenware teapots".  What that actually means--not to sure--but the tea selection is phenomenal.  There were so many choices I couldn't keep up.  The menu reminds me of a Sun Tzu novel!

There has to be over 100 types of teas!  They have the teas broken into "Series" which include:
  • Chinese Medicinal Tea Series
  • Light Tea Series
  • Green Tea Series
  • Japanese Tea Series
  • Oolong Ti Kuan Yin Series
  • Taiwan Oolong Tea Series
  • Wuyi Mountain Oolong-Cliff Tea Series
  • Oolong Tea Series
  • Black & Red Tea Series
  • Red Tea Series
  • Blossom Tea Series
It took me 20 minutes to finally make a decision.  I went with the "Eight Treasure Tea".  This tea is from the Chinese Medicinal Tea Series.  It was delicious.  I didn't even have to add anything to it!  Truly a perfect cup of tea.

Eight Treasure Tea
With ingredients like: rock sugar, dried lychee, ginseng, Long Jing Tea, Chinese red dates, chrysanthemum flower and Chinese goji berries--one should expect this to be delicious!

The Ming Tao Xuan Tea House also has a small vegetarian tasting menu:
  • Vegetarian Buns
  • Tofu Roll
  • Mango Salad
  • Vegetarian Chicken --I wonder what that tastes like, wasn't up for the tasting challenge
  • Cookies
  • Cheesecake
I went with the cookie sampler which include: Raisin, Chocolate Crisps, Cashew Shortbread and Lemon Crisps.  The Lemon Crisps are my favorite.
Cookie Flight: Chocolate, Lemon, Raisin, Almond

I am so glad I stumbled across this tea house.  I am always looking to add to my Par-Tea list!

Epicurean Girl’s Conclusion: 4 VIPs
Ming Tao Xuan Tea House gets our rating of 4 VIPs.

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  1. I love the photograph of the eight treasures tea. The colours are great, and inspiring. I did a little sketch based off of it.