12 March 2012

Valrhona Hot Chocolate - M Bar & Lounge (Boston)

When I heard M Bar & Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental Boston raving about their Hot Chocolate "Spaghetti" I had to pop in to try it.  Honestly it's just hot chocolate, how good can it possibly be?  Let me just state for the record--and you can quote me--"This is the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life!"  That really means a lot--especially because it is my birthday week.  
Specialty Valrhona Hot Chocolate

The "Specialty Valrhona Hot Chocolate" really changed the way I view hot chocolate.  You have a selection of milk, dark or white chocolate "spaghetti" that brilliantly melts away when they pour the frothy steamed milk.  I chose the white chocolate and topped it off with a little Grand Marnier liqueur to create the ultimate hot chocolate experience.  The special lagniappe is the cute little coconut macaroons compliments of Chef Nelson.  One of the best things I ever drank-hands down!

White Chocolate Spaghetti & Milk Chocolate Spaghetti


  1. this looks so good! esp with the grand marnier! I wonder why they don't do it at the NY one?

    1. It was really delicious. We will have to visit MO-New York and convince them to make this!