09 April 2012

"Eat. Drink. And Be Cherry!" - Georgia Brown's (Washington D.C.)

In continuation with my Centennial Cherry Blossom celebrations, I decided to try the Cherry Picks Menu at a low country cuisine favorite of mine--Georgia Brown's.  The menu has delicious cherry blossom features which made my mouth water and left me extremely satisfied.

The bill of fare shares Ernestine Ulmer's famous quote, "Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first" which is something I live my life by so I took her advice and did just that!

    Brandied Cherry Cheesecake

  1. This cheesecake is HUGE.  I am so glad I had people there to share.  (Special Note:  I don't typically share my desserts!)
  2. It is also SCRUMPTIOUS!
  3. Do I really need to say more?  I am so glad I took Miss Ulmer's advice and started with the dessert! 

Ever since the start of the new season of Mad Men, I have had this thirst for the Old Fashioned.  I really don't know why but I just love them.  The first one I ever had was in New Orleans at Le Pavillon.  It was just after Hurricane Katrina and a lot of places were still closed so one night I made my way over to the hotel--I lived literally a block away--and met an older Russian woman named Irina.  I ordered a Lemon Drop and she told me she was going to make me a "real" drink instead.  It turned out to be an Old Fashioned and I was hooked ever since.  For nearly a year almost every Monday and Wednesday evening I would walk over to 833 Poydras and find my spot at Le Gallery and wait for Miss Irina to make my "real" drink and here stories about Mother Russia.

Cherry "Old Fashioned"

I don't know what happened to her but to this day, every time I order an Old Fashioned, I think of Irina.  I believe she would approve of Georgia Brown's cherry blossom version--or at least I hope she would--because it really is good.  Made with Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon and raw cane sugar, it really hits the spot!

I really just can't help myself when it comes to lamb so I ordered it.  The lamb alone was delish but what really makes this dish memorabe?  How about the "brandy soaked cherry cheese grits"!  Who knew grits + cherries = FANTASTIC?!

Grilled T-Bone Lamb Chops

You have until April 27th to enjoy this special menu honoring the 100th anniversary of the cherry blossom trees in Washington D.C.  I promise, you do not want to miss this!

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