12 April 2012

Ode to the Cherry Blossom Cupcake - Georgetown Cupcake Soho

I have a new obsession and I am really not going to write an ode to express my new love for the Cherry Blossom Cupcake at Georgetown Cupcake because frankly, I am really not that talented.  What I will do is show you a picture of it so you can drool.  I will also strongly suggest for you to visit a Georgetown Cupcake near you so you can experience this seasonal favorite of mine before it is too late.  I promise you will not regret it!

Are you drooling?

Oh, I should also probably mention that they have a FREE--yes, I said free--(not-on-menu) flavor everyday.  You have to order it by name AND you have to get it before 100 other people get it before you.  I have managed to score the Triple Caramel, Strawberry Lave Fudge and Carrot all in the past few days.  My trainer is not too happy with my latest obsession!

Boston, I hear they are coming your way very soon on Newbury Street.  I can't wait!

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