26 May 2012

Avocado is as Avocado does - Dos Caminos (New York City)

In honor of the 2012 California avocado season I went to Dos Caminos to learn all about avocados with the California Avocado Commission and one of my favorite people, Chef Ivy Stark--who I am quite impressed with since she showed up for the festivities AFTER running the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

California Hass Avocados
One thing I will take away for sure is that I will NEVER look at avocados the same anymore.  I learned so many things but here are my highlights:

  1. All avocados are NOT created equal!
  2. If you are going to purchase avocados, please make sure they are California grown--90% of the nation's avocados are grown there.
  3. Dos Caminos uses California Hass Avocados in their spectacular guacamole.
  4. Avocado cocktails do in fact exist!  
  5. Although my guacamole did not win the "Guac-off", there was fierce competition among my fellow foodies and we all had a fantastic time!

Whenever I hear that Dos Caminos Corporate Executive Chef Ivy Stark is going to teach a class AND that I can eat whatever she makes you can always count me in!

Chef Ivy Stark shows us how to properly cut a California avocado

We learned how to properly select, ripen, cut and store an avocado as well as different ways to serve them.  Now for the food:

California Avocado Aperitif & California Avocado Margarita
Avocados are not just for eating, you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail using them as well.  Just think of it as a healthy cocktail since avocados are sodium free, have all the good fats and act as a nutrient booster. 

California Avocado Margarita & Aperitif

Crab Molotes
These little "torpedoes" or "bullets" as some people like to call them are delicious with the California Avocado Tomatillo Salsa.  I had to sneak a bite off of my friends plate--I don't think he noticed!
Crab Molotes

California Avocado Tacos - Baja Style
Avocado tempura--need I say more?!

California Avocado Baja Style Tacos

California Avocado Honey Lime Ice Cream
Are you salivating?

California Avocado Honey Lime Ice Cream

California Avocado GUAC OFF

As I said before, the competition for the Guac Off was fierce.  My partner and I had some really tough competition and although our "Rodeo Roundup" Guacamole did not win we had so much fun creating it.  With over 20 ingredients to choose from, the contestants had limitless options.  I believe the BLT Guacamole won.

Gourmand Girls' Rodeo Roundup

If you are interested in different recipes with avocados then be sure to check out "Dos Caminos' Mexican Street Food: 120 Authentic Recipes to Make at Home" and California Avocado Commission on twitter (@Ca_Avocado) for the latest avocado news and creations.

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