07 May 2012

Bond Restaurant & Lounge Spring Dinner Menu - Boston, MA

As you know I am a BIG fan of the Metropolitan Tea at Bond Restaurant & Lounge so when I had the opportunity recently to sample some of the new items on the 2012 Spring Dinner Menu at Bond Restaurant & Lounge with some of my fellow foodies, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation.  It was a sexy evening with Jazz singer Gian Farone and fantastic food.  

Some of the new items include:

Stracchino Cheese and Heirloom Tomatoes
Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic.  This was nice and lite.

Grilled Baby Corn w/ Espelette
Cotija Cheese, Aioli and Lime, very delish.

Sweet Soy and Ginger Chicken Wings
This is one of my favorites!

Crispy Point Judith Calamari
Sweet Chili + Black Sesame + Cilantro = PERFECT combo

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
Shrimp, Chicken and Spicy Peanut Sauce.

Flat Bread Pizza
Great Hill Blue, Grilled Stone Fruit; Pancetta and Arugula

Lobster and Chorizo Quesadilla
Queso Blanco and Sweet Corn.  Very good but also filling.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Brown Butter Ice Cream, Bookers Whiskey Caramel.  I am drooling again just thinking about it!

Strawberry Rhubarb Gratin
Mascarpone Mousse, Mint, Black Pepper Sable.  Now that I am a rhubarb pro I was really excited to try this dish.  Very, very tasty.

Chocolate Tasting
Smoke Chocolate Cake, Milk Chocolate Powder, White Chocolate Brulee, Guanaja Ice Cream.  This is just a little sneak peek into the Chocolate Shangri-La also known as the Chocolate Bar on Saturday's at Cafe Fleuri!

If you are in Boston or are planning a trip, a visit to Bond Restaurant & Lounge is worth it--I promise!

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