15 June 2012

Kristall is a Girl's Best Friend - Cafe Kristall (New York Spots)

Bring on the BLING!  Out with the old and in with the new and improved.  Cafe Kristall is FINALLY back and is now open with a new look and a new menu!  Because I can't do it all in one day here are my highlights from my first--of many--visits to the renewed Cafe Kristall:

Cascade by Vincent van Duysen
Open-Faced Sandwiches
Six very delightful sandwich choices.  If you can't decide, order them all like I did!
Open-Faced Sandwiches

  • Eggs on Eggs
  • Chicken & Foie Gras (my personal favorite)
  • Matjes & Onion (Boilermaker's favorite)
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Smoked Ham
  • Goat Cheese & Green Asparagus (my 2nd favorite)
If you visit Cafe Kristall's Happy Hour you can get the open-faced sandwiches for $2!

They have many selections from red snapper to classic wiener schnitzel.  I am so glad Boilermaker likes to share food because I had no problem eating off her plate!

I tried so hard to pronounce this correctly but in the end I failed.  All that really matters is how good it was.  Boilermaker killed it!  Did I mention it has rock shrimp in it?

Chicken Carpaccio
This was very light and satisfying.  I was glad I choose this because it meant that I had room left for dessert!

Chicken Carppacio

Sweet Treats
I am a little ashamed of myself because I really didn't give the dessert the respect it deserves.  I blame all of the cocktails!  Boilermaker and I decided to try the Apple Strudel and Strawberry & Rhubarb Pana Cotta. Big fan of the pana cotta!

Other dessert options include--don't worry about trying to pronounce these either:
  • Sorbet & Ice Cream
  • Kristalltorte (I'm trying this one next visit)
  • Fruchttarte
  • Sachertorte (and this one too)

Pana Cotta

Apple Strudel

Before & After
In case you are curious about the transformation for Cafe Kristall, check out these before and after photos.

Bright & White
After Bling
The new Kristall bling feels very inviting and you can not get enough of all of the Swarovski Crystals!

Cafe Kristall Specials
Happy Hour
2-4-1 is what they are calling it.  Monday thru Friday from 5-8pm you can have two cocktails or wine for the price of one!  You are going to want to try the the drink formally called "White Kristall" and now just called "Kristall"!  The Blackberry Julep is also worth a try.

Blackberry Julep
SOHO Two-Course Lunch
Pick any two food items from the menu for $23.  When you are all done it is just a very short walk over to Swarovski CrystallizedTM and buy yourself a little--or large--bling.

Bring on the Bling

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