01 July 2012

"The Craft of Cocktails" - Prohibition: Part I (Houston Spots)

Speakeasies--I would have loved to experience the thrill of slipping into one of these forbidden spots to imbibe the forbidden nectar.  I can almost imagine myself running around with Al Capone with my fedora slightly tilted to the side and a cigarillo between my lips.  A bit much maybe but that is the feeling I had when I stepped inside Prohibition "The Craft of the Cocktails"

Craft of Cocktails Mural inside Prohibition

Located in the Houston Galleria, this 1930's inspired speakeasy is a great spot to grab a much needed cocktail after work or to just enjoy a night on the town with your friends.  They have a piano lounge on the first level with the "Nickel Bar" where magic is created.  There is a sexy-ass club on the second level with the "Penny Bar" to help get you into all sorts of trouble.  I am in love with this space.

The First Level: Piano Lounge & Nickel Bar

The Second Level: DJ Lounge & Penny Bar
With a "mixology track" for their bartenders, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic experience whether it is from an Apprentice, Bar Smith, Bar Chef or Mixologist.  You can tell them apart by their attire but to be honest, you really will not care after your first sip!

Andrew Taake = Awesome

All I know is that Andrew makes memorable concoctions--at least by taste, because I for sure cannot remember the names!  With all of their bar tools and some unique ingredients, the Prohibition team will satisfy your imbibing fantasies.
The Nickel Bar where fantasies come true!

Mr. Taake makes strong and delicious drinks. Here is what I am able to recall:

Old Fashioned

This is hands down one of my favorite drinks.  I really wish I would have worn a fedora so I could look smart while I sat at the bar sipping my old fashioned!

Prohibition's Old Fashioned


This classic gin cocktail left nothing to be desired!

Prohibition's Aviation

No Name

I can not remember the name of this drink but I believe it had tobacco tincture in it?!  Or maybe it is just the alcohol talking and that is really cinnamon!  Andrew, hit me up and let me know what this drink is.

Prohibition's No Name Drink - Andrew hit me up and tell me what this is!

Bacon Maria

This is another cocktail that I am not 100 percent sure of; but I am going to call this bad girl the "Bacon Maria".  In my haze I believe this is her name but I could be wrong.  Regardless of what you want to call her, isn't she pretty?!  And, yes that is Texas-size bacon!

Prohibition's "Bacon Maria"--at least I think that's her name!

The Tale of the Sazerac

In the late 1800's, somewhere deep in the French Quarter there was a Haitian immigrant named Monsieur Antoine Peychaud who was quite popular mixing special cocktails with cognac and his secret family recipe for bitters.  Some say that deep in the Quarters you can find some of the OBs (Original Bartenders) who have a secret stash of Monsieur Peychaud's bitters!  The locals grew to love his drinks and named them "Sazerac Cocktail" after the Sazerac Coffee House on Royal Street.

Prohibition's Sazerac
A few years later, along came an American--Thomas Handy--who decided to set up shop in New Orleans and use rye whiskey instead of the brandy for reasons which Andrew can tell you all about.  This became a hit and this renewed Sazerac cocktail came to be.  The end.


With burlesque, food and cocktails; Prohibition brings the Boardwalk Empire experience to the Houston scene.  I will have to sample the food on my next visit which I hope will be soon.

Prohibition "The Craft of Cocktails"

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