14 July 2012

Super Hero Brunch - Blue Inc. Boston (Boston, MA)

When I first heard about the Super Hero Brunch at Blue Inc., I was so excited.  I was literally counting down the weeks until the inaugural brunch.  I managed to convince one of my girlfriends to join me on a day trip to Boston for this momentous event.  I even considered wearing a costume but I decided to just go as myself, Super Diva. 

blue inc. Boston

Sometimes I am sucked in by all the smoke and mirrors but once the smoke fades and the reflection clears, I get all of my good senses back.  This is what happened to me at the Super Hero Brunch.  It started with a BOOM and ended up just SO-SO.
So-So Brunch

As soon as we arrived all I could think about was sitting down and ordering Mistique's Mimosa's and the Sausage Egg & Cheese Sliders.

Mistique's Mimosa's
How does a flight of mimosa's sound to you.  Like my girl from X-Men, these transform before your eyes.  At least they are supposed to but I struggled with mine a bit.

It comes with three flavors: blue raspberry, orange and strawberry.  I do not know what I was expecting.  I guess I thought it was going to do something.  My photos are more exciting than the actual event.

Sausage Egg & Cheese Sliders
These were fantastic!  I liked them so much that I ended up ordering seconds after I found some of my other dishes left a lot to be desired.  Give this southern girl a buttermilk biscuit with egg & cheese and grease and I am pretty much happy.  My trainer doesn't like this but it keeps him in business.

Break for Cocktails

One of things I have heard people rave about in some of the reviews of Blue Inc. are "Trish's Crazy Cocktails".  In keeping with the theme of the brunch, I decided to skip Trish's cocktails and try a couple of the super hero inspired libations.  Since I was quite unimpressed with the mimosa's I decided to try something bold so I went with Kryptonian's Delight and the Rainbow Raider.

Kryptonian's Delight
This green demon is made with Tanqueray, green chartreuse, mint, lime and actual kryptonite.  No need to worry, Super Diva is not affected by kryptonite and I also enjoyed this beverage.  1-1.
Kryptonian's Delight

Rainbow Raider
Rainbow sangria.  Cute concept and it is pretty to look at but it was just okay.

Rainbow Raider

Once the smoke settles it is only okay
After drinking all of these smokey concoctions I started to get a little nervous and made a mental note to ask my doctor if it is safe to drink liquid nitrogen!

The Anticlimactic Entrees
The whole "BOOM" factor vanished during my sampling of some of the entree menus.  

Red Velvet French Toast
I was the most excited about trying this dish because of my love for red velvet.  This was the ultimate let down!  The edges of the french toast was good but the middle was extremely soggy and I had to eat around it. 
Red Velvet French Toast...Watch out, it is soggy in the middle!

Crispy Chicken Sandwich
If I could rename this sandwich it would be called "Super Salty".
Super Salty

The "Superman"
Egg, cheese, waffle fries, bacon and sausage gravy all together in one bowl just for you.  You have to have superhuman strength to finish this!  You also have to be able to eat fast because if you let the "Superman" sit too long then you will end up with a bowl of mush!

The End
Unfortunately the super hero in this comic brunch wasn't so super.  As I stated before, the concept is cute and some of the items were okay but overall the entire experience was just so-so.

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