20 September 2012

Find a Penny... - The Standard Plaza (Meatpacking)

You know the saying:

"Find a penny pick it up and all day long you will have good luck!"

On my farewell to summer tour I made it a point try and get as much good luck as I could by stopping by The Standard Plaza and picking up a Penny Drop or two--maybe even three!  This is one of my favorite summer cocktails which is quite a popular item on The Standard Grill's "West Side" cocktail menu.

Penny Drop
This is perfect for sipping on a nice warm day: vodka, ginger cordial, lime juice, ginger beer and fresh ginger are the perfect combination.  I am particularly fond of the cup they serve it in.  It really does change the taste of the beverage--or at least it does in my mind.  I mean look at the two and tell me which one you would rather have!

Which would you choose, A or B?

Now on to the food.  Enjoy the Spanish-influenced creations chef in residence Seamus Mullen created in the outdoor kitchen at The Standard Plaza.  This is the perfect place for sharing plates with your friends while you lounge in the sun and people watch.

Gambas: grilled sweet shrimp, chorizo, zucchini, meyer lemon
pan ibérico: grilled bread, grated tomato, jamón ibérico de bellota 5js 

There is still time to say farewell to summer properly before this seasonal cafe is no more.  It is scheduled to close September 30 so hurry up and get down to Meatpacking and pick up a Penny Drop, you will have good luck--I promise. 

Find a penny pick it up and all day long you will have good luck--at The Standard Plaza!

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