09 September 2012

Heaven on Water at Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau & Auberge sur la Route - Montreal

I recently discovered heaven on water in Montreal.  If you want some real R&R and little bit of nosh then make your way to Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eau.  Floating comfortably on the St. Lawrence River in the Old Port of Montreal, this world's first spa-on-a-boat creates another world for you to escape.

This 25,000 square feet, 1950s steel liner has five decks for you to experience:

  • Sundeck - sauna, pool & hot tub with beautiful views
  • Bridge Walk - sauna, steam room & hot tub
  • Intermediate Bridge - Media room, cool ship windows for lounging & yoga area
  • Main Deck - treatment rooms, restaurant & Bota Chic
  • Cale - former engine room is now the locker room.

I was planning on eating somewhere nearby Old Montreal because I did not have high expectations for spa food.  I was so wrong!  The Restaurant Bota Bota is operated by Auberge sur la Route and is phenomenal.  I guess it should be with Michelin starred chef Eric Gonzalez.  This was the perfect compliment to all of my pampering.  

I can not wait to go back to my little piece of heaven on water!

Want to see more pics?  Click here.


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  2. This reminds me of a spa in Manhattan that I went to once - except it definitely wasn't on a boat! This sounds so neat. I'll definitely have to check it out one day if I ever happen to be in Montreal.

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