26 December 2012

Gingerbread Storyland City Park - Teddy's Cafe (New Orleans)

 Step inside Teddy's Cafe at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans to experience a real fairy tale!

The 2012 Annual Holiday Village is a replication of City Park's Storyland.  "Storyland at City Park has been a mainstay for children of New Orleans since it was built in 1906."  This creation was created by the "Roosevelt Pastry Team under the guidance of Pastry Chef Deborah Heyd.  "The village is built from over 150 pounds of sugar, gingerbread and confections."  It simply is just too pretty to eat!1
Welcome to Storyland
I found myself wishing I could jump on the train and go for a ride to explore the 20 scenes.  You will find many familiar settings from some of your favorite stories.  Let's see how many you recognize:

I can't wait to see what the village is going to be in 2013!

1 Storyland information provided by Hotel

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