26 December 2012

Visions of Gingerbread - Various Spots

The 2012 Holiday Season has me dreaming with visions of gingerbread dancing in my head!  Below are some of my favorite gingerbread displays this year:
Visions of Gingerbread

"Once upon a time a time many holidays ago, Santa trudged his way through Chicago snow.  He made his way to Trump Tower, but without a chimney deliveries took hours."  The good elves at Trump Chicago wanted to give Santa a helping hand so they created a "slight mess" in order to "build The Gingerbread Express!"1  This is the first and only gingerbread elevator in the world.

Creator: Daniella Rinaldi

I had a Hansel & Gretel moment at the Ritz-Carlton D.C.'s Gingerbread House & Boutique.  I also fell in love with the Gingerbread Butternut Squash Soup.  Simply delicious!

The Gingerbread House & Boutique at Ritz-Carlton D.C.

The 2012 Annual Holiday Village is a replication of City Park's Storyland.  "Storyland at City Park has been a mainstay for children of New Orleans since it was built in 1906."  This creation was created by the "Roosevelt Pastry Team under the guidance of Pastry Chef Deborah Heyd.  "The village is built from over 150 pounds of sugar, gingerbread and confections."  It simply is just too pretty to eat!2
Storyland Gingerbread Village

This gingerbread creation was designed by a whole team of people at Harrah's New Orleans.  John Delcorral (Bakery Manager) and Terrence Taylor (Assistant Bakery Chef) along with 9 other brilliant minds created the concept and the Harrah's Facilities Team provided the muscle to assemble the Gingerbread Paddleboat.
SS Fulton: Gingerbread Paddleboat

"It is so scrumptious you could just eat it" are the words from the team at South Shore Harbor Resort in regards to their 6-foot giant Gingerbread House.3  This Gingerbread Mansion is the creation of Chef Ryland Kyburz and his team and really is good enough to eat!
South Shore Harbor's Gingerbread Mansion

1.  Story provided by Director of Food & Beverage, Bruno Roulleux
2.  Storyland informaiton provided by Roosevelt Hotel


  1. Come check out The Roosevelt this year! It's bigger and better! And the pastry chef is Deborah Heyd

    1. Planning on it. Deborah we will make the name correction