24 January 2013

Gin & Jam - Madam Geneva (Manhattan)

I know it is freezing outside but I can't stop thinking about the ridiculously good jam drinks at Madam Geneva.  Gin is always a good way to warm up!

Warm up inside with a Madam Geneva many choices

 My favorite combo is the Blueberry Jam Drink + Duck Steamed Buns.  My good buddy Suse--Manhattan by Way of Mayberry--is not a fan of the buns. We will agree to disagree. However, the one thing we can both agree on is that the jam drinks are ridiculously delicious and everyone should try one at least once in their life!  

Blueberry Jam Drink...Yumm

The duck buns---you be the judge.

If the jam drink isn't your thing their are plenty of other choices:

Madam's Cocktails

  • Madam's French 75 - Gin, lemon, rosewater, pomegranate, bubbles
  • Far Eastern Gimlet - Spring 44, Yuzu, Lime Cordial, Vietnamese Mint
  • House Gin & Tonic - Tanqueray Gin, Celery Bitters, Cucumber Tonic
  • Bleecker Street - Bols Genever, Maraschino, Absinthe, Spiced Agave, Grapefruit, Yuzu, Bitters
  • Dragonfly - Beefeater, kalamansi, Thai Basil, Green Chartreuse, Egg White
  • Lemongrass Elderflower Fizz - Lemongrass infused Plymouth Gin, St. Germain, Lemon, Sake, Lemon Bitters


Madam's Ales

  • Narragansett on Draught
  • Singha Lager
  • Mamma's Yella Pils
  • Tiger Lager
  • Hitachino Nest White Ale
  • Lefthand Saw Tooth Ale

Madam's Punch

  • Horse & Carriage - Beefeater 24, St. Germain, Chamomile Tea, Bubbly

Madam's Treats

  • Madam's Burger
  • Forever Crisp Chicken Wings
  • Salt & Pepper Squid
  • Duck Steamed Buns

It is quite cozy inside

I still insist that you try a jam drink.  They rotate the jam & preserves options depending on the season.  Forget about Gin & Juice and try some Gin & Jam! 

Madame Geneva
4 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012


  1. mmm!!! I'm daydreaming about a jam drink now! Let's go soon!

    1. Yes! Thank you for introducing me to them.