29 January 2013

Lock Me Up And Throw Away The Key - Clink. (Boston, MA)

I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in jail.  Seriously, a jail!  The Liberty Hotel is the former Charles Street Jail and is one of my favorite places in Boston.  I checked-in on a Monday afternoon and didn't leave until 48-hours later.  I was able to relax, workout, eat very well and party without having to leave the building.  I found it difficult to decide where to eat first with so many options:
After much deliberation, I was sentenced to serve my time at CLINK.

Welcome to Clink.
After I was processed and settled into my quarters--which were quite comfortable--I rushed downstairs to participate in one of the many Liberty Affairs held for the inmates.

Margate Mondays

Every Monday at 4PM in CLINK. Executive Chef Joseph Margate holds a cooking demo not just for the Liberty inmates but for anyone interested in good food and making new friends.  Margate Mondays are complimentary  but have limited availability but all you have to do is RSVP at
He makes it look so easy!
My class had eight very interesting people who all appeared to frequent Clink. just for this occasion.   I was surprised to learn that I was the only guest of the hotel present and everyone else lived in the surrounding Boston area.  We learned how to make Pho Bac which was fantastic and I learned that I do not have the patience for the 3 hours it takes to make it.  Thank goodness Chef Margate was able to give us the Cliff Notes version.

Pho Bac...3 hours to make but well worth it.

I also learned that you can use Thai Basil to make a very good Mojito!  You really can't go wrong here.

Thai Basil Mojitos are fab

Clearly, the other inmates missed the memo because I don't understand why someone would NOT attend Margate Mondays!  Especially if you are staying in the hotel.


I was so pleased with my Pho Bac, I could not wait for breakfast.  I knew I had a lot more eating to do during my sentence so I decided to take it easy and have a light breakfast.

Winter Omelet

Shrimp, brie, and spinach omelet served with  breakfast potatoes and toast.  I opted for the fruit cup instead of the toast since I had no plan for holding back at dinner.
Winter Omelet is quite filling

Quick. Clink. Lunch

I did not have much time for lunch since I had a hearing so the Quick. Clink. Lunch was the  perfect option for me.  This comes with a sandwich, soup and sweets!

Ridiculously Good
I want a Margate Monday to make this!

  • Soup: Seafood Chowder with brown bread crumbs
  • Sandwich: Crispy Nantucket Bay Scallop Roll with Chorizo spice pickled broccoli and Grainy Mayo Grillo's Pickle
  • Sweet: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chef Margate's recipe

So good I couldn't even wait to take the picture...and there were 2!


My last meal in jail was well worth it.  I was fortunate to have cellmate there to share it with.
Nice mood lighting

The Starters

So many choices but we narrowed it down to three:
  • Foie Gras Torchon with Arrope and Brioche
  • Burrata Cheese with local apples, fennel confit and apple balsamic vinegar
  • Sashimi of Yellowtail with fried Quinoa and Aji Panca
I love my foie gras!  Arrope is a Spanish grape concentrate.

No guilt for eating this.

What in the world is Quinoa?! 

The Last Meal

Believe it or not I still had room for more--it was my last meal.  The Seared Scallops were perfect and I don't have anything else to say other than that!

So good

Sleek Cocktails

I decided to pass on the dessert so I could sample some of the 150 Calorie and under cocktails.  Very tasty minus the guilt and Clink. & Liberty Bar have a nice selection:

  • Harvest Margarita - Don Julio, lemongrass, agave & lime
  • Indulge - Chocolate Godiva Vodka, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger rimmed & a ginger snap cookie
  • Late Harvest - Reyka Vodka, red apple, Thyme, Honey
  • Besame - Elderberry, raspberry leaves, ginger & topped w/ prosecco
  • Blackberry Jasmine Sangria - Red wine infused with jasmine, blackberry & cinnamon
  • Inner Glow - Veev Acai, nutmeg, sage, plums & topped with prosecco can't just have one.
The last cocktail -- this is NOT less than 150 calories

I was released for good behavior but I have to admit that I would not mind if someone wanted to lock me up and throw away the key--as long as it is at the Liberty Hotel.  

I really did not want to leave!
If I ever get locked up again in Boston, I will have to venture out to some of the other restaurants in the hotel.

215 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

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