13 January 2013

Love at First Bite - Domenica Restaurant & Bar (New Orleans)

"OMG, this is where Bella met J. Jenks in the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2!"  That was the  first thing I thought about when I entered 123 Baronne Street.  The second thing I thought was how pissed I was that John Besh and Alon Shaya opened Domenica AFTER I relocated from New Orleans--I lived only a few blocks away at the Civic Lofts!  It is probably for the best since I would have probably eaten there everyday.

Bella sat somewhere in this restaurant!

Domenica "is as warm and inviting as a traditional Sunday supper in a rural Italian village" where "every day is Sunday"1  The food is phenomenal and I fell in love at first bite!  Here is what I had:


If I had to guess, this has to be the most popular Antipasti on the menu.  The Roasted Cauliflower is seasoned with sea salt and is served with a nice huge bowl of whipped goat feta for dipping.  Every single table had the cauliflower! 
Roasted Cauliflower
Perfect for dunking!

Gnocchi & Stracci

These dishes can be found under Primi on the menu.  The pasta is fresh and made in-house.


This was my favorite because I just can't get enough duck.  This is made from chappapeela farms duck, cream and toasted almonds and I ate ALL of it!
Gnocchi is my fave


Aside from the Stracci family in The Godfather, this stracci which means "rags" in Italian is wide torn pasta infused with parsley and basil topped with oxtail and fried chicken livers.
The Godfather Pasta


I like to think of this as an "Arab cannoli".  It reminds me of a birds nest that was left in a desert.  It is delicious.  Sweetened ricotta, honey and fried pastry served warm.  This was the perfect finale to my meal.
"Arab Cannoli"

Meat, Meat and More Meat with some Formaggi

Domenica has a large selection of imported and house cured meats where you can get your choice of meat a la carte, 3 for $18 or 5 for $25.
Salami & Formaggi
Meat, Meat and More Meat
  • Prosciutto from Langhirano Italy
  • Coppa, Cured Pork Shoulder
  • Bresaola, Air Dried Beef
  • Soppressata Di Toscana, Braised Pork Terrine w/ orange & rosemary
  • Salami Gentile
  • Lardo, Cured Pork Fat
  • Speck, Smoked & Cured Pork leg
  • Duck Liver Pate
You can also have soft, hard and blue cheese selections served with marmellate from the menu.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try the famous specialty pizza from Domenica's Pizzeria.  There are over 15 choices and they deliver!
They Deliver!

I can't wait for my next visit to NOLA so I can try more of the menu!

1 Domenica Restaurant & Bar

Domenica: A Chef John Besh Restaurant
123 Baronne Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

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