04 February 2013

Barroco: Second Time Even Better - Barroco (Old Montreal, QC)

Who knew my last visit to Barroco would overshadow my first one?  I really didn't expect my second visit to be better and that is saying something!  Here are my menu highlights from my latest visit:

The Pomme D'Api Cocktail

"Mad Max" doesn't know how to just be regular.  He has the mind of a mad scientist when it comes to cocktails.  I am always excited to see what new concoction he has created.  

Mad Max's Board

Upon my arrival, I saw him at the chalkboard writing out the drink special for of night.  When I asked him what it said he told me "have a seat, you will enjoy it".  I knew not to question him so I took a seat.

Try to drink just one!

The Pomme D'Api is made from spiced rum, apple juice, Benedictine liqueur, vanilla citron and paprika and is pure deliciousness.  You really can't drink just one--trust me I tried.  Max was correct, I did in fact enjoy it.


These two starters made a lasting impression on me.

Foie Gras

The Old Fashioned Foie Gras was phenomenal but this one was just as good!

Foie Gras is as good as ever

Beef Tartare

Yes, that is an egg on top and it was good.

Forget a cherry on egg is even better!


I was torn between the short-ribs and the duck.  The lovely couple sitting next to me were kind enough to let me sample their duck so I went all in with the short-ribs and I am so glad that I did!

Beef Short-Ribs so glad I made this choice

Don't get me wrong, the duck was outstanding but something about these short-ribs were ridiculous.

Seafood & Fish

One of the restaurant patrons highly recommended the Paella Barroco.  He told me that he gets it every week--no joke.  With that type of testimonial I had to try it.

Paella well worth a weekly visit

After my first taste I understood why the gentleman gets this paella every week.  This is not like other paella dishes where you have a mouthful of rice.  Every bite is filled with squid, shrimp, scallops, morcilla and chorizo.   


The side dish selection at Barroco is not lengthy but it doesn't need to be with such a rich menu.  I managed to try a few of them all in the name of research!


Mashed, scalloped, or stacked.  These potatoes are great.

However you like your potatoes you will love these

Garlic Rapini

Some call this Broccoli Rabe but nonetheless it is delish.

Rapini or Rabe it is still good

Brussels Sprouts

These were not actually on the menu but they were the special for the night and they taste as good as the picture looks.

Barroco really should add these to the menu...permanently

I am looking forward to my upcoming visit to Montreal so I can eat at Barroco again.  I can only imagine what the third visit will bring!

312 Rue Saint Paul Ouest
Montreal, QC Canada