29 April 2013

Five Things I Learned at The Macallan Scotch Tasting - W New York-Downtown

The Macallan Single Malt Scotch Tasting

When I heard that the W New York - Downtown was hosting a Macallan Scotch tasting through Gilt, I knew I could not miss this opportunity!  With the guidance of Sir Charlie Whitfield--Macallan Brand Ambassador--I took away five key things from the event:

  1. Whisky comes from the Gaelic word "Water of Life".
  2. There is an expression for EVERY palate--triple cask Fine Oak or Sherry Oak which range from soft and fruity to robust and spicy and yet they are all very smooth.
  3. DO NOT swirl when nosing.  Scotch is not wine.
  4. Adding water to whisky is like adding air to wine.  If you add a drop or two of water it smooths it out.
  5. The Macallan 18 (Sherry Oak) is my absolute favorite! 
My new Old Fashioned has been replaced!

The Macallan Sherry Oak 1

The Sherry Oak expressions are matured in European oak casks from Jerez, Spain which previously held sherry.  The Sherry Oak Range includes:
  • Sherry Oak 12 Year - "smooth, with rich dried fruit, sherry, balanced with wood smoke and spice"
  • Sherry Oak 18 Year (my fave) - "rich, dried fruits, spice, clove, orange and wood smoke"
  • Sherry Oak 25 Year - "full and rich, with dried fruit and wood smoke"
  • Sherry Oak 30 Year - "smooth, with dried fruit, sherry, orange and wood smoke"

My friends for the night!

The Macallan Fine Oak 2

The Macallan Fine Oak expressions are triple cask matured in oak casks which consists of:
  • European Oak casks which held sherry
  • American Oak casks which held sherry
  • American Oak casks which held bourbon
These expressions are lighter and sweeter than the Macallan Sherry Oak expressions. The Fine Oak range:

  • Fine Oak 10 Year - "soft and malty, balanced with oak and fruit"
  • Fine Oak 15 Year - "intense rich chocolate, with a hint of orange and raisin"
  • Fine Oak 17 Year - "soft and rich, with a hint of citrus, spice and wood smoke"
  • Fine Oak 21 Year - "soft, rich and spicy, with a hint of orange and peat"
  • Fine Oak 30 Year - "rich, macadamia nut and vanilla, with hints of sandalwood and black cherry"

The Macallan Ice Ball: "Minimum dilution, Maximum Cool"3

I wanted this contraption as soon as I saw it but when I learned that it would cost me a cool $1,000, I quickly changed my mind!  My dear whisky stones will have to suffice.

Regardless of the price, The Macallan Ice Ball Machine is quite impressive because it takes a block of ice and creates a very pretty sphere.  

Why didn't I get this science lesson in school?  What a great science fair project!

Not to get too scientific on you but the following makes this entire concept genius:
  1. The "machine" is made of Copper (Cu) which is has very high conductivity and is therefore used as a conductor of heat and electricity.
  2. The sphere is perfect for your Macallan Scotch if you take it with ice because a sphere has the smallest surface area of all solids having volume which means that this ice ball will melt SLOWLY!

The W Hotel - Downtown

W Hotel - Downtown

The Living Room Bar & Terrace is now one of my favorite go-to spots downtown.  They have various events and specials throughout the week.  My two favorite things are:

Travel Tuesdays

Every Tuesday join W Insiders for classic films, cocktails and complimentary small plates.  Sign up for W Happenings HERE!

Residential Thursdays

If you are a registered Perk Pass holder you can find out about all types of drink specials and events every Thursday.

The Food

It is very important to eat something before you take the Macallan Scotch journey.  Thankfully, BLT Bar and Grill hooked it up with some very tasty treats.



If you haven't tried any of the Macallan Single Malt Scotch drinks, then I advise you to do it ASAP.  

I didn't leave a single drop!

Now that I have this new love for Macallan Scotch, I just have to somehow convince Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse to have a Macallan Dinner and all will be perfect.  

1 & 2. The Macallan. The Single Malt: The Essentials booklet

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