08 June 2013

A Girl And Her Scotch - Raise The Macallan Event (New York, NY)

In the past when I thought about Scotch I would always envision men of a certain age sitting around in a smokey room with their cigars talking about the good old days.  If we were talking about tequila, vodka or even rum then I could easily see myself but not so much with Scotch.  That was until I went to my first Scotch tasting and found out that I actually love it and then I knew I was in trouble!  

Macallan 18 is my fave

I immediately started looking for local events so I could continue to learn more about Scotch.  Lucky for me I found Raise The Macallan.  Raise The Macallan is an event which is held in multiple cities throughout the United States which allows single malt whisky enthusiasts to experience The Macallan and learn a thing or two about what makes The Macallan "a cut above the rest"1.

How do you take your Scotch?

The event began with a cocktail reception serving Fine Oak 10 Year and passed hors d'oeuvres.  The Scotch is served three ways:

  1. Neat
  2. On the rocks
  3. Scotch & Ginger 
If you are lucky enough to score VIP passes, then you get unlimited glasses of the Sherry Oak 12 Year, early entrance to the cocktail hour and up-close seats in the main tasting room!

There were several stations throughout the reception space where one can learn more about The Macallan brand.  My favorite was the aroma station where you can see just how much your nose knows!  If nosing Scotch isn't your thing then you can take pictures at the photo both or window shop the items which are found in The Macallan Boutique.  If my fairy Scotch-father would grant me just one wish, I would ask for the Ice Ball Maker.  I have been wanting this ever since my first Macallan Scotch tasting.

Goodies from The Macallan Boutique

After the cocktail hour, we gathered in the main hall for the tasting.  There were iPads on each of the tables so you could partake in quizzes and learn interesting facts about The Macallan brand.   We tasted drams of Sherry Oak and Fine Oak 10, 12, 17 and 18 while Sir Charles Whitfield2--The Macallan Brand Ambassador--took us on an awesome journey around the world.  

Courtesy of Charles Whitfield who isn't really a "Sir" but I like to think of him as one

I found the event to be entertaining and very informative.  I learned five new things about The Macallan Highland Single Malt Whiskies:

  1. The casks and stills make the difference--Macallan spends more on their casks then any other single malt whisky.3
  2. The Sherry Oak casks are made from a process which takes 106 years before they are filled with Macallan spirit--this means Macallan 12 is 118 years old!
  3. The Oak species determines the color of the spirit--Spanish (Sherry Oak) has wider grain and American (Fine Oak) is tighter and has less tannin.
  4. In Shanghai, some put green tea in their Scotch which makes it taste sweeter--it is pretty good, you should try it.
  5. The Macallan 17 (Fine Oak) is my second favorite!

I was pleased to see the event attracted just as many women as men!  I was also happy to learn that Macallan has female brand ambassadors.  Two of the ladies at my table were Scotch aficionados who were under the age of 35!  So now if someone asks me what I envision when I think of Scotch Whisky it is no longer the smokey room with old men but rather a sexy setting with ladies of all ages enjoying a glass of Scotch.

2. Charlie Whitfield does not have the title "Sir"; I just like to call him that

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    I love a woman who knows her Scotch.