10 June 2013

Best Bagels In North America or North of America? - St-Viateur Bagel Shop (Montreal)

North America or north of America?

On a recent visit to Montreal a friend--who just so happens to live there and who could also be considered slightly biased--took me to the bakery who has the "best bagels in North America"1.  I paused when he told me that and asked if he meant the best bagels north of America?  Living in the New York area I feel it is blasphemy to call any bagel outside of NYC the best!  I mean, even the bagels I ate daily when I lived in New Orleans were imported from New York City.  We compromised and agreed that St-Viateur Bagel Shop makes the best bagels in Montreal!

St-Viateur Bagel has been a fixture in Montreal since 1957 when Myer Lewkowicz brought his recipes from Eastern Europe and decided to share them with the people of Montreal.2 They sell over 12,000 bagels a day and the St-Viateur location is open 24 hours.  Everyone wants a St-Viateur bagel!  The line wrapped around the block during my visit.

Burn baby burn

What is the big secret to making the best bagels in Montreal?  There are two key items needed:

  1. Wood-burning oven
  2. Hand rolling the dough 
All that dough!

Hand Rolling the Dough
Watch out!  They are hot!

I am not going to lie, the St-Viateur bagels are fantastic.  A few months ago I discovered the best donuts in Montreal and now I have found the best bagels!  I will let you decide if these are the best in North America or north of America.  I will just say they are pretty darn good and you can be the judge.

Sesame Bagels are FANTASTIC

1.  My friend Martin C.
2. St-Viateur Bagel About Us

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  1. Gourmand Girls! You are right that best bagels will be found in North of America. Last month I visited the America by tours in north america and during my tour I taste the bugles at my friend’s request. I found it much tasty so, I ate these bugles daily during my tour.