27 August 2013

Oh My Bocata! - Bocata Restaurant and Wine Bar (Montreal)

There are not enough words in the English or French dictionary to sum up our feelings about Bocata Restaurant and Wine Bar.  We plan random visits to Montreal just so we can eat there!  This is one of those rare restaurants you discover and everything about it just stays with you.  We love the food, the wine and the staff--especially Andreane!  Since we can't find the words to describe just how good Bocata is, we will just have to show you a sample of some of our most memorable dishes.

Citrus Risotto with Scallops, Verbena Emulsion


Don't let the foam fool you!  These scallops were sooooo good!  We got to try these from the Valentine's Day Menu and they should be the everyday menu.

Lobster & Fennel Tagliatelle

It is as good as it looks!
 We had no problem eating off of other people's dishes to try this delicious dish.  We just pretended there were no carbs.  This goodness is on the summer menu so you need to get it while you still can!

Mediterranean Sea Bass

This isn't to share..get your own sea bass!

This is also part of the summer menu.  You can lose a friendship over this one if you don't feel like sharing.  The vanilla infused sweet potato puree was perfect.


A featured appetizer on the summer menu.  The Burata is quite filling and tasty!  Don't worry, the bread doesn't have any carbs.

Asparagus with Quail Eggs

So nice we had it twice!

Had dreams about the asparagus.  There is truffle oil in there somewhere.  We went two days in a row just to eat this again.

Foie Gras Poele Aux Argumes

Will someone PLEASE make this for us again?

Okay, we love our foie gras but this one really changed our lives.  Orange marmalade  Bourbon and Maple jus and GINGERBREAD CRUMBLE.  To our Foie Gras Fairy Godmother or Godfather out there, we are willing to sacrifice a lot just to have a taste again. 

Amuse Bouche

Pata Negra Croquette and Oysters with Horseradish Cream Chili
 Although this was just an amuse bouche, we knew that the rest of our meal would be perfect because they got this part right!

Surf & Turf 

Thank goodness we were able to share...our friendship would have ended over some beef!
So what do you get when you pair AAA Angus Beef Tenderloin with celery root puree and Roasted Lobster with Almond & Truffle Viennoise?  The perfect pair!

Sweet Treat

Gluttony is a sin but we just couldn't resist!
Warm chocolaty brownies with salted caramel and ice cream.  What more can a girl ask for?  And yes, the dessert had zero carbs as well.

 We are just so in love with Bocata Restaurant et Bar a vin all we can say is Oh My Bocata!  We can't wait to go back!


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