09 October 2013

$300 For An Elevator Ride - 360 The Restaurant At The CN Tower (Toronto)

Because our first meal in Toronto left a lot to be desired, we decided to go the tourist route and have a late lunch at 360 Restaurant which is in the CN Tower.

We originally wanted to just go up for an aperitif but we soon learned that there was an entry fee so we opted to just go ahead and make a reservation in order to avoid the cover charge.  Three hundred dollars ($300) later, we left hungry with a stomach ache but at least we got to see a panoramic view of Toronto and ride an awesome elevator!
Beautiful panoramic views

Here is what we ate:

360 Caesar Salad

The Caesar dressing made my stomach hurt.  I couldn't eat more than one bite of this!  It tasted like someone used maple syrup to sweeten the dressing!
Canadian Maple Syrup Caesar Salad

Red Corn Flour Crusted Calamari

Dr. J and I had mixed reviews on this.  I thought it was okay--a bit soggy--but she was not a fan.  The pistachio pesto was a hit for me.  It would have been perfect if it was served a bit warmer--maybe it was the high altitude?

Tad bit soggy

Foraged Wild Mushroom Tart 

We are not sure if this was meant to be served cold but it wasn't warm at all.  Must be that altitude thing again.  The "Pingue" Prosciutto was edible though.
Prosciutto not affected by the altitude

Stacked Heirloom Tomato Salad with Water Buffalo Mozzarella 

 Seriously this one is pretty hard to mess up.  Lucky for us the temperature of the food did not play a factor.

Ontario Lamb

Grilled Ontario Lamb Rack Chops.   Nothing to really get too excited about.  Oh wait, it had rosemary jus! 

Slow Roasted Canadian AAA Prime Rib

This was just a big N-O!  The rosemary bread pudding was a little dry.

Rosemary bread pudding

Summer Harvest Vegetables

They had rosemary butter but still could have used some Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning.

At the end of the day, at least we can say that we have been to CN Tower and actually went inside.  The elevator was the most memorable--and expensive--part of the meal.  At this point Toronto is 0/2 for good food!

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