06 October 2013

Aperitif - Bistro L'Atelier (Quebec City)

At first glance, it appears to be a simple restaurant sitting on Grande Allee Street in downtown Quebec City but once you go inside you step into something entirely different.
So unassuming at first

Once inside, you find yourself in a Wonka-esque alternative universe.  It is like a factory of cocktails--a mixologist's version of heaven!  
Five levels of food, drink and fun
I couldn't even put a small dent in Bistro L'Atelier's crazy drink menu--trust me, I tried.  This just gives me an excuse to keep going back until I can work my way through their encyclopedia!  It doesn't matter if you prefer cocktails, beer or wine because L'Atelier will have something just for you.  

Just a sampling of the cocktail wall
There are three cocktail menus:

  • Creative Cocktails
  • Alternative Cocktails
  • Distinctive Cocktails
I am embarrassed to admit that I could only finish two drinks!  In my defense, they were strong AND I had to pace myself for a long night ahead of me.  I don't even want to think about the calories!  


Yes, that is cotton candy!  It not only garnishes the drink but it also is in the drink.  This is one of the "Alternative Cocktails".  Made from Cachaca, guava syrup, campari, lime, cotton candy and champagne!  Toothache thinking about it but sooo worth it.

All I can say about this is yesssssss!


I didn't have a choice when I saw this drink on the "Distinctive Cocktail" menu.  I felt like it was created just for me!  Sparkling Triple Sec, Raspberry Puree and Lemonade Foam make up this diva drink.  It really is good and not as sweet as you would think.  You can't drink this and look cute because of the lemonade foam but a straw solves that little problem although I wouldn't recommend it.

The Fashionista!

Try to sit at the bar because watching the mixologists go to work creating all of their masterpieces in the workshop is quite enjoyable.  Also, there is plenty of eye candy for everyone no matter what your preference. 

Bistro L'Atelier is the perfect place to just go for a aperitifs or you could also stay for a meal.   I can not wait to go back to try more drinks and actually eat the food!

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