06 October 2013

Best Brunch in Montreal - Griffintown Cafe (Montreal)

Griffintown has been a hot topic of debate on several of our past visits to Montreal.  Depending on who you ask--we will not mention names--it was either a good place to visit or a bad place.  A dear friend from Manhattan By Way of Mayberry knows that I have a love affair with Montreal and is always sending me write-ups on new places to try so when she referred me to the Travel and Leisure article about "Montreal's New Hot Neighborhood1", I knew I had to make a visit.  
Griffintown Cafe

Because we wanted to explore this neighborhood by day, we decided to venture out for a Saturday Brunch at Griffintown Cafe.  We did not realize we would discover the best brunch in Montreal!  This is what we ate:

Mimosa Griffintown

What is a brunch without mimosa?!  This mimosa is made from McKeown Cider which is from Quebec's own McKeown orchards.  Go ahead and have two or three; it is the perfect way to start off your brunch!
Perfect start to Saturday Brunch

Crab Cakes

Why--you might ask--did we decide to have crab cakes for brunch?  Well they do come with eggs and bacon so why not?!
Did I mention the Jalapeno Remoulade?!

Mac & Cheese

Again, you might ask why this for brunch?  They put egg--poached egg--and bacon on this too so it counts!
This isn't just  mac & cheese!  Grues Cheddar, Swiss Gruyere and Bierbrier Ale!

The Breakfast "Griffintown" Burger

This time we had to ask them to hold the egg.  We just couldn't get down with the egg on the burger!  There is already a lot going on with the meat.  The "Griffintown Burger" is 1/2 beef, 1/4 duck, 1/4 lamb and is darn good.  It also has aged cheddar and if you are so daring you can add the sunny side egg.  Everyone has to get this just to try it.  Even if you can't eat the whole thing, you have to try it.
No more egg for these girls!

Brioche French Toast

For those of you looking for basic breakfast brunch items then look no further because the Brioche French Toast is all you need!  "Bourbon, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet cream, maple syrup and fresh fruit2" create the perfect french toast.
It really is healthy...just look at all the fruit!

Griffintown Cafe is a fantastic place to have weekend brunch.  The staff is extremely friendly and the crowd is pleasant.  We agreed that we would be sure to add Griffintown Cafe to our "must visit" list for all future trips to Montreal.  

Our favorite Brunch spot

If the weather is nice you can walk around the neighborhood and explore some other hidden treasures Griffintown has to offer.  We stumbled upon a cool gallery where there were some disturbing and mind blowing exhibits at Division Gallery.  They were getting ready for Montreal Fashion Week when we stopped by.  We wish we could have extended the trip to see it--oh well, it just gives us another excuse to visit again!

Division Gallery, you have to stop by and see this place!



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