17 October 2013

Twice As Nice High Tea - Shangri-La Hotel (Toronto)

I have always wanted to have tea at a Shangri-la Hotel.  When we saw there was one on our recent visit to Toronto we just knew we had to go!  Nothing was going to stop us from experiencing Shangri-la's High Tea, not even having tea at another hotel just three hours prior to securing our tea time at Shangri-la's Lobby Lounge!

This is what we like to call paradise

The Lobby Lounge is absolutely beautiful!  We found a nice spot right next to the pianist playing some of our favorite songs and got right down to business...selecting a tea.


How do you pick just one?!
The tea menu has several black, green and herbal options.  If you are as picky as we are then they will bring the tea out for you to consider.  One of the teas we saw actually had popcorn in it!  

We decided to get Spiced Chamomile and Tea of Life and we were both very pleased with our selections.  Unfortunately, Shangri-la was not able to sell us our favorite tea to take home with us.


We have no shame!  Yes, we ate these delightful sandwiches.  No, we were not too full from our earlier tea that afternoon.  We can confirm that it is possible to have two afternoon teas in one day! 

Here is what you get:
  • Ham and brie with apple on marble rye
  • Chicken Salad with whole grain mustard on wheat
  • Egg Salad on white
  • Smoked Salmon and cucumber with cream fraiche on white

All of them were delicious.   I don't think we can really pick a favorite--even the salmon was quite delish and you know how we feel about salmon!


The plain and raisin scones are served warm and I dare you to try to just eat one!  The addition of the devonshire clotted cream and berry compote are not even necessary but it just makes the entire experience even more memorable.


Best part of any par-tea!  Just point us in the direction of the sweets and we are ready.  The pastries vary depending on the season but when we made our visit, Lobby Lounge was serving the following:
  • Peach Tarts
  • Praline Bars
  • Profiteroles
  • Passion Fruit Macarons
  • Hazelnut Breton


If these are not enough, you can always pick something from the "sweets tray" a'la carte.

Worth every calorie

It goes without question that the High Tea in the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-la gets two pinkies up from us.  Our second tea was twice as nice and we are so ready to visit again!

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