13 October 2013

William & Kate's Afternoon Tea - The Library Bar at The Fairmont Royal York (Toronto)

We have become quite accustomed to the royal experience at the Fairmont Hotels. When we had the opportunity to experience the William & Kate Afternoon Tea Menu at The Library Bar located in The Fairmont Royal York, we had to try it!

Royal Tea Experience at Library Bar

In celebration of the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis, we got to choose between the following tea options: 
  • Traditional Afternoon Tea
  • The Royal Tea Experience
We felt like it wouldn't be proper to celebrate the birth of Prince George without some Moet Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne so we opted for the Royal Tea Experience.


Both the Traditional Afternoon Tea and Royal Tea Experience feature some of William & Kate's favorite things:

  • Farmer's Egg Truffle Chive Salad
  • Smoked Aurora Turkey Breast with Cranberry Emulsion
  • Kate's Tomato Gazpacho Caprese Salad
  • St. Mary's Smoked Salmon 

If we had to rank the sandwiches from our most favorite to least it would be:

   1.  Farmer's Egg Truffle Chive Salad

So Good
       This sandwich was delicious.  We ordered more of these because one was
       not enough!
   2.  Kate's Tomato Gazpacho Caprese Salad
More of these too please

        This was fantastic as well and we totally get why this is Kate's favorite tea 

   3.  Smoked Aurora Turkey Breast
Cranberry Emulsion

        The cranberry emulsion made this more than just turkey on wheat.

   4.  St. Mary's Smoked Salmon
We just wished we like salmon more
          This is made with Fairmont's Royal York Lemonade Aioli and cucumber.  If only
          we were fans of salmon!


We got canapes because we wanted the "royal" experience.  As you are now aware, we do not have a huge love affair with salmon so we could have passed on these.  If you are a fan of salmon then you will be all set!

More Salmon


There are many mysteries and truths about tea but one thing we know is that Fairmont has a ridiculously good tea selection!  With so many Metropolitan Tea blend options it was very difficult to decide.  Below is a sample of their selections:

  • Jasmine Butterfly #1
  • Kyoto Cherry Rose
  • Montebello Apple Spice - they were out of this
  • Cascade Organic Peppermint - they were out of this also 
  • Kea Lai Orange Pineapple

Kyoto Cherry Rose is a must buy

After much discussion we decided to get the Kyoto Cherry Rose and that was a fantastic decision!  This was so good we immediately ran to the gift shop to purchase as many boxes as they had available.  

Unfortunately because of the bees, we were unable to take part in the rooftop herb garden and bee apiary tour--maybe next time!


We have said this time and time again but this is truly our favorite part of any tea!  Who doesn't like the guilty pleasures of eating the scrumptious sweet treats?!  It just is not a Par-tea without these tasty pastries:


Sundried Cranberry and Blueberry scones with devonshire cream.  Do we really need to say more?  Just look at them!  They really are that good.
Something about devonshire cream makes me really happy!

William's Banana Flan

Dr. J liked the banana flan.  It really depends on the day how I feel about bananas but they say this is one of William's favorite desserts.  
I will just go with it

Guava and Raspberry Mousse

We were fixated on the orange berry in this mousse.  Turns out this is a goji berry and yes it is edible!
Goji Berry!

Buckingham Palace Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Supposedly this is "THE" recipe from Buckingham Palace.  When we visit London next month, we will just have to stop by and verify this for ourselves!  Whether or not this is true, we loved it.  Be careful because the Buckingham Palace Chocolate Biscuit Cake is VERY rich. 

We don't care where it came from, this is great!

English Sticky Toffee Pudding

I had sticky toffee pudding for the first time a few years ago in London and I was a fan of it then just as I am a fan of this particular version now.  Fairmont should really consider keeping this and/or the Buckingham Palace Biscuit on the menu.

Put this on the menu, please!

We give the Library Bar's Afternoon Tea two pinkies up! 

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