21 December 2013

Aperitif - The Original Bellini at Harry's Bar (Venice, Italy)

The story goes a little something like this...

There once was a dude from Boston named Harry Pickering who visited Venice quite frequently.  Supposedly his family cut him off for some reason or other.  Giuseppe Cipriani, a bartender at the hotel bar, loaned Harry some money.  A few years later, Harry returns to Venice and repays Giuseppe with the original money he loaned him and money for a bar!  This bar is called Harry's Bar and is part of the Cipriani brand that is so well known.  It is also home to the "original" Bellini!

Harry's Bar is the most popular bar in Venice.  It is very quaint but you never know who you might end up rubbing elbows with since it attracts not only tourists but many celebrities!  Of course when we learned about it we had to pay a visit.  Do we think the Bellini's are the best  Are we glad we tried it...yes.  Will we ever go back...maybe to try a different cocktail.

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