31 December 2013

Best Restaurant in Firenze - i' Capaccino (Florence, Italy)

If you are looking for authentic Italian cooking like you are eating in someone's home, then you have to visit i'Capaccino!  This is the best restaurant in Firenze (Florence)--no exaggeration.  This fantastic restaurant is run by the beautiful and loving couple shown above.  They immediately made us feel right at home.

I want to think of this place as my own little private Italian kitchen.  It is nestled on a side street just off one of the main roads and if you don't pay close attention you just might miss it!  You can sit inside or outside but I highly recommend that you enjoy the patio seating outdoors if the weather is nice.

We were in the mood for some pasta--especially since it we were in my personal Italian kitchen!

The daily specials are written by hand on brown paper so you know it is good!  Here is what we ate:

Lasagna Al Forno

Dr. J went with the Lasagna and she would not stop talking about it--she also wouldn't share!  That is okay, it because my dish was equally delicious and I wasn't in the mood to share either!

Pumpkin Risotto

My, my, my pumpkin risotto.  It really doesn't get any better.  I am serious.  Whatever those big pieces of cheese were made me drool.

Vin Santo & Biscotti

I became a fan of Vin Santo (holy wine) while we were Under the Tuscan Sun at Fattoria il Poggio.  This wine is especially good for dipping your biscotti.  I learned at i'Capaccino that I had to dip the cookies a certain number of times.  I am not going to lie, after a bottle of Chianti, it was hard to keep count so I can't even remember the number or why I had to do it but I think it has something to do with luck or love.

I am so glad we took a wrong turn onto Via delle Terme and saw the paper menus because that is what drew us to i'Capaccino, our favorite meal in Firenze.


  1. This restaurant is a SHIRT, Awful tourist trap, I would not recommend this restaurant de Fenculo (iCapaccino 7 Via Delle Terme, Firenze/Florence).

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience but we loved it and would recommend it.