31 December 2013

Casa del Cioccolato - Chocolate Room at il Treato at Four Seasons Hotel (Milano, Italy)

If "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was filmed in Italy this is EXACTLY how I would imagine it to be.  This is the Casa del Cioccolato in true Milanese fashion which is located at il Treato at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan.  The entire room--walls, tables, etc.--is made of chocolate and the new design was inspired by Milan's Fashion Week and was given the title "Chic"olate Room.  Now that we know this room changes every year, we now have an excuse to visit Milan every year!  I wish everyone in the world could experience this but since that is not possible all we can do is just show you...enjoy!

I want the watch and the red bag

My Dress!

And this is my shoe!  Dr J ate a piece of the handbag...don't tell!

This drawing is actually done in chocolate.

"Chic"olate Room

There really is no need to say anything else.  Can't wait to see what they have in store for all the chocoholics next year!
A chocolate lover's dream!


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