11 December 2013

First Meal in Italy - Trattoria La Rosa Dei Venti (Venice, Italy)


Trattoria La Rosa Dei Venti was our first meal in Italy and it was FANTASTIC!  I am so glad we stumbled upon this little gem of Croce.  It sits just off of one of the many canals and just ask anyone in Venice how to get there and they will tell you to "go straight, over the bridge then make a left!"  It is probably easier to get there by gondola or a private boat but you can certainly work up a nice appetite trying to find it.
Our boat!

When we arrived it was pretty late in the afternoon so we had just missed the afternoon lunch crowd.  The place was very quaint and the waiters are very sweet.
Glad we missed the crowd

The menu was in Italian so all we could really make out was pasta or pasta.  Here is what we ate:


They had me at mushroom.  I LOVE mushrooms and mix them in with my favorite type of carbohydrate and I am good to go.
What is the dish called?


Yes, this is as good as it looks!  
Drooling just thinking about this dish

And here is what we left on our plate...
A Happy Plate

We knew when we left Trattoria La Rosa Dei Venti that we were in trouble!  One day in and we are eating like we don't care about our waistlines.  We will definitely return to the States with more than just the bags we came to Italy with!  We will be bringing back some lbs--hopefully not permanent souvenirs!

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