22 December 2013

Go Straight, Over the Bridge and Make a Left - Ostaria da Rioba (Venice, Italy)

Our final meal in Venice was quite eventful.  We had been searching for this place for four days!  After getting very lost--which we highly recommend doing in Venice--we found a friendly soul who had a map which eventually led us to Ostaria da Rioba.

So after going over several bridges, staying straight and making a few lefts, we managed to accidentally find Da Rioba and it was worth all the drama.  Here is what we ate:


Pumpkin Ravioli

This was the "Ravioli of the Day".  It was delicious.


We were a little over pasta--we never thought this was possible--so we decided to go with the land and sea options.

Sea Bass

Goodness, this was so good and fresh.  It was so refreshing to eat something from the sea.

Lamb Chops

Initially I was very confused about this "local" lamb since I hadn't seen a single blade of grass in Venice during my four days there but I was assured there is a mainland which has plenty of lamb and other animals.  

Regardless of where the lamb actually came from, it was phenomenal!  I ate every single piece down to the bone--no shame. 


Almond Cake 

We were really excited about this selection on the menu because we thought it might be like the awesome almond cake we got in Montreal.  Unfortunately it wasn't the $250 Almond Cake but it was still very good.
Not our $250 cake but close

I am glad we stumbled upon Ostaria da Rioba on our last night in Venice.  Venice has been very good to us.  Every meal was quite enjoyable.  We will definitely come back.

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