12 December 2013

Oldest Cafe in the World? - Caffe Florian (Piazza San Marco, Venice)

If you let the people in Venice tell the story, they will say that Caffe Florian (1720) is "the oldest cafe in the world!"  There are some Parisians who would disagree and say that Cafe Procope (1686) is actually the oldest.  Some get into technicalities like "continuously working" or  "continuous operation" but whatever you want to use to justify Caffe Florian's place in history; there is no arguing it is at least the oldest cafe in Italy!

Piazza San Marco aka St. Mark's Square
Sitting comfortably in Piazza San Marco in Venice; Caffe Florian is the perfect location to rest your feet, relax and grab a bite to eat.  My only warning is that if you choose to sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the mini-orchestra then you should to expect to pay a few more Euros.  Because of this, I opted to sit inside at the bar--the Euro is still not friends with the Dollar!

He is quite nice I am sure but the coffee is less inside!

I just love their menu.  With so many options it is hard to make a decision.  Because this is the oldest cafe in the world, I decided to get a cappuccino and cookies as a lite mid-day snack inside.

The service is fantastic and I even made a new friend--Daniele!  It took everything in me to walk past the sweets but I somehow managed.

Overall I was very pleased with my Caffe Florian experience and I highly recommend anyone visiting Venice to make it a point to stop in just to experience what Florian has to offer.

Caffe Florian...oldest coffee shop in the world!

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