20 January 2014

Aperitif - Best Bellini in Italy (Moet & Chandon Milan Bar de La Rinascente (Milano, Italy)

After a very long day of eating and shopping we decided to take a break upstairs at la Rinascente and quickly discovered that not only had we discovered the Best Brunch in Italy and possibly the world but also the best Bellini in Italy!  We have to admit, it is so much better than the original Bellini at Harry's Bar in Venice.

This was so worth it, especially after our climb to the top of the Duomo--250 steps--which means we get 250 sips of whatever we want.  We decided to try two famous Italian favorites which were highly recommended and we are so glad we did:


Italian classic cocktail that was invented in Venice.  We prefer the Bellini's from here!

Campari Orange

Also an Italian favorite that was created in Naples.  This was quite tasty also but the Bellini stole our hearts.

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