22 January 2014

Dining in Assisi, Umbrian Cuisine - Minerva Restaurant & Village Market (Assisi, Italy)

Beautiful Assisi
As we continued our tour of Italy, our next stop was in the adorable and quaint village of Assisi.  I loved being able to walk all over and take my time to enjoy the village.  The pace here was much slower than Florence.  The locals even had a sign up to make sure people would slow down and just enjoy their time in Assisi.


We have had such good luck finding culinary treasures on our adventure and Assisi did not disappoint.  Minerva Restaurant had Umbrian dishes that totally satisfied us.  Here is what we ate:

Strangozzi Con Salsa Tartufata (Spaghetti with Black Truffle Sauce)

This was delicious.  I was quite selfish on this trip because I didn't want to share any of my food.  The truffles were perfect and the pasta was so fresh.  


Dr. J devoured this and didn't even offer me a bite.  That is just rude!


In addition to the great lunch we had at Minerva Restaurant we also got to experience a local market which had some awesome samples!

We highly recommend you visit Assisi at least once in your life.  It is the perfect little bite of Italy!

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