21 December 2014

Classic American Cocktails in London?! - Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols (London, England)

Define irony.  How about Americans learning how to make classic American cocktails in a Cocktail Masterclass in London being taught by an Italian named Stani!  

Although the event was a bit ironic, it didn't take away from the amazing time we had and the nice buzz we got from making libations and meeting new friends at the Fifth Floor Bar at Harvey Nichols

The beautiful Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Bar


If you want an excuse to sip an aperitif before 10 in the morning without any judgement then you should attend a cocktail masterclass like we did!  For just a few GBP's we were able to:

  • eat a light breakfast
  • learn about classic American Cocktails
  • make a cocktail of our choosing
  • eat a nice lunch to help soak up the alcohol

The class is taught by Master Bartender Stani Visciano--who is just a doll.  He keeps the class fun and interesting and you will walk away with a better appreciation for the art of mixing cocktails.


As we mentioned before, the theme of our class was the "U.S.A. Cocktail".  First, Stani demonstrated how to make the following drinks which we were able to sample:

  • Cosmopolitan:  yes, they went there and even referenced Sex and the City
  • American Beauty:  we totally thought this drink was made in our honor
  • Fifth Floor Mint Julep:  this was delicious, you know I love my Scotch Whiskey
Demo Drinks that gave us a great buzz!

After the demonstration it is then your turn to jump behind the bar and create your very own cocktail!  There were eight to chose from:

  1. Ginny Hendricks - simply delicious
  2. Bramble
  3. Cosmopolitan - Truly a classic
  4. Mojito
  5. Sky Cruiser - Fancy
  6. Classic Tommy Margarita
  7. American Beauty
  8. Fifth Floor Mint Julep - Delish

The Ginny Hendricks

The Sky Cruiser tastes delicious with or without the Rose.  It is two drinks in one!

We think everyone's favorite thing to do was shaking up their drinks.  By this time of the event most people had a pretty good buzz going so they were not overly concerned about their technique which made watching everyone all the more entertaining!


Excellent way to sober up and break bread with new friends

After everyone has a turn behind the bar it is now time to sober up and break some bread with new friends.  Fifth Floor Restaurant creates a lovely menu for all of the Masterclass participants.  I left Harvey Nichols that afternoon thoroughly satisfied!  

All in all this was a perfect way to spend a cold rainy day in London and at the end you get a very colorful certificate which makes you official!

See, I am now official!

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