27 December 2014

The Enchanted Forest - Laduree Le Bar (Paris, France)

Once Upon A Time in the Enchanted Forest at Le Bar...
We never thought we would find the secret home an Enchanted Forest all the way in Paris, France but we did! 
This place really is magical
What could be better than the most delicious macarons AND a ridiculous cocktail?  Absolutely nothing and you can get both sinful items at Laduree Le Bar.  I decided to start with one of their macaron cocktails and it left nothing to be desired!  This aperitif was so satisfying one drink was enough--never thought I would say that!

I am sure you are drooling because I am!
Take a look at this magical place and tell me you don't think it looks like Tinkerbell just might actually live here.

I am pretty sure Tinkerbell is somewhere around here

If you ever visit Paris, Laduree is a place you must visit.

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