21 December 2014

The Hidden Gem- The Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar at Selfridges & Co (London, England)

Hidden in Womens Designer Galleries on Level 2 at Selfridges & Co is the cutest little bar.  The Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar is the perfect place to take a break from your shopping and just relax and have a little nosh or a simple aperitif.  Regardless of your level of hunger, their unique menu will have something to fit whatever you desire.


We just simply could not resist the chance to try Mr. Selfridge's Afternoon Tea since we love the show so much and we are always in the mood to par-tea!


I have no clue what these were but we loved them nonetheless.

Not sure what these were but they were good


  • Egg and mustard cress
  • Coronation Chicken
  • Cucumber and Cream Cheese

The egg was my favorite

Open Faced Sandwiches

  • Pulled salt beef, potato bread and sauce gribiche
  • Rye crisp bread, whipped goats cheese and beetroot
  • Smoked salmon blini, lobster and caper mayonnaise
I possibly ate extra potato bread sandwiches


We were not prepared for the scones to come with the lemon curd, cream and jam already on them but after you try it you won't really care.  These were delicious!

Pretty sure we asked for additional scones as well!

Sweet Treats

One word...dessert!

They are ALL phenomenal!
  • Black Forest Top Hat
  • Raspberry and Rose Water Eclair
  • Toasted Banana and Coconut Bread with caramelised banana

Tea Selections

I appreciate the petite options of tea on the menu because there are far more appealing cocktail options!  If you are accustomed to traditional British Afternoon Tea then you will not have the anxiety of picking a selection.
  • Original Leaf
  • Grey Leaf
  • Darjeeling Leaf
  • Assam BOP
  • Mint Rubbed Leaf
  • Passion Fruit and Orange
  • Camomile Flower
  • Green Leaf

We give Mr. Selfridges Afternoon Tea two pinkies up and we highly recommend it.


  1. The server at San Francisco restaurants made sure to explain everything on the menu (I love it when servers actually know the menu), and basically made us feel like we were her best friends coming over to her house for dinner. We tried a few things and were impressed.

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