22 June 2013

Celebrating Summer Solstice With Crabcakes - Nick's Riverside Grill (Georgetown)

Nick's Riverside Grill

June 21, 2013 marks the Summer Solstice which is the first day of Summer and is also the longest day of the year!  I figured if Google Doodle could pay homage to this great day then I should do the same.
Christopher Neimann's Artwork.  First Day of Summer (courtesy of Google)

Instead of flocking to the Stonehenge like I did a few years ago with the Druids, I decided to stay stateside and take a cruise along the Potomac River.  While I was on my cruise I noticed a sea of blue along the dock and a large gathering of people--similar to the Druid's at the Stonehenge--and decided to take a closer look to investigate.  Upon my arrival I discovered a patio overflowing with happy people at Nick's Riverside Grill which is located comfortably at Washington Harbor.
England's Stonehenge vs. Georgetown's Stonehenge

There was plenty of food with libations flowing and the day was so beautiful I decided to eat outside.  The menu is not too cumbersome and has pretty much something for everyone. My party and I opted for Maryland Crabcakes since everyone around us seemed to have them.  You know the saying, when in is what we ordered:

Town Dock Calamari

For starters we thought the calamari would be a good way to go.  It was fantastic!  They were so fresh and light and didn't make us feel like we would not be able to eat our entree.  Also, the serving size is good for only 2 people to share in my personal opinion.
Calamari with lemon pepper and herb aioli

Crabcake Sandwich

Straight and to the point.  Crabcake on a bun with tartar sauce.  Pretty hard to mess this one up.  The crab meat wasn't as lumpy as I like it but it was still pretty good.  Have I had better?  Yes.  Would I get this again? Probably.
A girl can be picky about her crab meat!

Sauteed Maryland Crabcakes

This is the exact same crabcake that is sitting on that bun above except this is served with haricot verts, carrot slaw and a mustard sauce.  My answers are the same as the crabcake sandwich.
Same as the sandwich but dressed a little different

The Patio

What I liked the most about Nick's Riverside Grill was the bar scene at the patio.  This is where the drinks keep flowing and the people are all happy.  It was also nice to watch the boats pull up and passengers get out to grab a few cocktails from the bar and then hop back on their boats!
Love the Patio

I am glad that I was able to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Georgetown's version of the Stonehenge.  Someone needs to tell the Stark's of Winterfell to relax since Winter isn't coming for a while because Summer is officially here!

Winter is NOT coming

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